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Cheat Engine? Empty Cheat Engine?

Post  Sin on Fri Sep 11, 2009 10:59 pm

Cheat Engine is a free program off the internet that allows people to isolate specific addresses within a running process and manipulate them in order to alter the way it runs. In simpler terms, Cheat Engine allows you to mess with the video game you are playing without the need for
cheat codes. Cheat Engine comes with a tutorial on how to use it, but this tutorial can be very confusing to someone who is new to 'process hacking', so I made this tutorial to give a step by step example of how Cheat Engine would be used.

Before You Begin

For this tutorial, I will be showing you how you would hack a common flash game found on the internet like Motherload. To start, make sure you have Cheat Engine installed on your computer, it can be found here:

Next, you will need to go to the webpage that has Motherload which is here:

So now that you have your flash game running open up Cheat Engine and you are ready to start hacking!

An Important Note about Flash Games

When using Cheat Engine on a flash game found on the internet, you must take into consideration one major concept. Flash, in order to prevent people from messing with programs, takes every variable in Flash and multiplies it by 8. But the tricky thing about Flash is that only some games, often newer games, actually implement this feature. So when you try to hack a flash game, verse any other game, if at first you can't find your variables using the numbers you see on the screen, try multiplying every number by 8.

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