How to avoid getting charged with cyber crimes

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How to avoid getting charged with cyber crimes Empty How to avoid getting charged with cyber crimes

Post  Shadow on Wed Sep 09, 2009 5:23 am

Well in the unlikely case that they do actually decide to track you here are a few rules you should live by.
Some of these are really more directed at new-comers to the scene since most experienced hackers learn these by trial and error.

::Always use a proxy::
Pretty simple, this is your no.1 defense against getting tracked down since your IP is like a fingerprint. If they have an IP they have an ISP, if they have a warrant they have name, number, address, credit card number and everything that you have given your ISP. Proxys and VPNs are a hackers best get to know how to use them and never forgot them.

::Never enter personal details::
When you are doing ANYTHING illegal never link to, or enter personal information. This is from your name to when you got your first gf. If they don't know who you are...then who are they gonna charge.

::Never Admit Wrong Doing::
Every business you will ever work in will tell you, when the customer complains...sympathize but never admit that its the businesses fault.
If you are ever contacted by a police force from anywhere in the world saying they want accounts back etc. (even if you think its spoofed) NEVER be a smart ass and say "PWND YOU BIACTH, IM 12 WTF YOU GONA DO MUTHA FUCKA"
Think about it, if they have enough evidence (unlikely as it sounds) they may extradite you. I wish I was joking but Governments all over the world are taking a stance on cyber crime. And making an example of a teenager is a small price to pay if it deters 1,000's of teenagers.
They are doing a similar thing in the piracy department, some guy got busted with like 10 burnt DVD's and was charged and orded to pay in excess of $50,000 just to make an example of him...and it worked, scared the shit outta pirates everywhere.
So why risk it...they may be 100% legit police or law enforcement agency and you have admitted you fucked them over. Not a good look in-front of the magistrate

::Don't be Stupid::
DO NOT HACK .gov, .edu or any other government body. You will get fucked and investigated. So simple stay away from them and save the jail time.

::Don't Brag about things which you may be investigated about::
This falls under the same category of admission. If you hacked a PayPal account and transferred $10,000 without anyone know...KEEP IT TO YOURSELF. A username that you use commonly = a name on a social networking site which = a location, address...everything
"loose lips, sink ships"

::Blame Game::
If you get an email and you feel compelled to respond (i recommend you close the whole account in this circumstance) say you have no idea what they are talking about. Say that someone may have hack your wireless becuase you have been to lazy to put a WEP/WPA on it. Or try and say that you have been in another country/state/neighborhood/visiting grandparents for the last two weeks and someone broke into your house, but nothing was stolen so you didn't report it.
Basically say shit that:
a) doesn't point to you being involved at all
b) leads them to a dead end
This will stall if not stop the whole process, because there isn't much they can do to prove you were the actual person sitting at the keyboard. Thats why its so important to keep personal files away from this aspect of your life and to NEVER admit you did it.

Just because I hack a Russian website means that I am safe from getting in trouble. New CyberCrime laws are being much more flexible to cater for such things. So if you think your safe because they are 10,000kms away...think again and follow the above rules.

Ok, so you've confirmed there is an investigation with possible serious consequences. Any day cops will be at your door...
(thanks to 10100111001)
start encrypting your stuff using which is a very easy to use and secure program. Also if you want to completely remove evidence use Dban to securely remove all contents of you HD Better yet throw it in the microwave for 2 mins. **MAGNET REMOVED**

It may also be a good idea to use VMware, this program creates a virtual machine within your own computer. So you perform all your illegal activitys within this OS and when your done, simply delete the whole OS. This adds a level of security because evidence and digital fingerprints are mostly contained on the virtual OS making it a lot harder to find digital fingerprints.

But i will point out that if they seize a HD that has been formatted <10 days ago you may be charged with obstruction of justice, interfering with an investigation and/or tampering with evidence...if they do find some evidence. So try and prepare in time and get your system up and running and looking like normal. Its not hard to recover any data from a HD that has been deleted, so be SAFE and sure that they cant hold shit on you.

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